The Internship

Saw The Internship today starring Wedding Crashers alums Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson (Also: There’s a Will Ferrel cameo) and it did not disappoint. The movie starts off with two sales men losing their jobs in the watch business only to find themselves with the opportunity to intern at the search engine empire, Google. Once at Google they have to split into groups and complete in challenges. The group at the end of the internship who performs the best is promised full time jobs at Google. So the competition is fierce. (not to worry, the whole movie isn’t solely filmed in an office. The crew, naturally, has a wild night of partying)

The film was shot at the Google HQ in California and in Atlanta. As an ‘ATLien’ and a movie lover, it has been really awesome to see my city and state in so many movies the past couple of years. The Atlanta shots in The Internship were filmed on the Georgia Tech campus (You’ll notice some GTech gear and a buzz doll in some shots), The Georgian Terrace/The Fox Theater, and Rocky Mountain Pizza Co. from what I could tell. Owen sports a Braves hat early in the film too. (Go BRAVES!)

As someone who has had three internships under her belt, one of those as a search engine associate, I was excited to see this movie and compare my experiences with Vince and Owen’s characters. There’s was far more exciting. haha.

The movie had me cracking up, loving the Harry Potter references and dreaming of working at a place like Google. It was charming, funny, and had a good story line that wasn’t too cheesy or predictable and expressed the employment troubles many recent graduates and young professionals are facing in this economy. If anything it’s worth just to see the inside of the Google HQ and see where they get to work and all the incredible perks and swag.

Thanks for reading!


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